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At Sleven CrossFit, we believe that good fitness is a way of life, available to all. London life is tough and many find it hard to juggle work, friends, family and fitness. At Sleven, we take away these tough choices because we combine them into one package. If you find yourself in a rut at the gym, or even lack the motivation to go, Sleven will change your perception of fitness. The athletes in our community will quickly become your friends, family and competition. We train in groups, we egg each other on and, above all, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We push you to your limits and nobody else’s. We are Sleven, and we’re bringing CrossFit to the people.
The core of what we offer at Sleven is CrossFit, a class-based strength and conditioning programme designed to build the most broad, general and inclusive fitness possible. Sleven’s workouts include movements from a wide range of disciplines, including gymnastics, weightlifting, together with what most people would consider ‘cardio’: rowing, running, cycling and skipping. This keeps your workouts varied and fun and are designed to help keep you engaged for life.

Our Elements programme provides an introduction to the movements that you will encounter in our CrossFit classes with a similar rhythm and structure. Elements runs alongside main classes so new athletes will immediately become a part of Sleven’s community. We focus on the fundamental elements of the CrossFit class in a small group with greater individual attention. There is no fixed graduation and we encourage athletes to progress at their own pace.

The Elements package also includes access to Sleven MetCon, our high energy, metabolic conditioning class. Our MetCon classes do not incorporate barbells or the more complex, higher skilled movements which may feature in our CrossFit classes and so provide an ideal way to improve your fitness before joining our CrossFit classes.

We have found that, for most athletes, combining a mix of both of Elements and MetCon classes before joining CrossFit classes is optimal, providing an ideal dose of technique and intensity. If you think that you’re not fit enough to do CrossFit, this is where you start!
13 Sessions (Elements or MetCon) to be completed in a month £ 150 buy
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Our class offering is simple: crossfit is the foundation of our schedule and we offer specialist classes designed to help improve specific aspects of your fitness.

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