Member of the Week: 29 April 2018

29 Apr

This week’s Member of the Week goes to:

Peter Robinson

Another MOTW from the Emerald Isle! It was great to have Pete back this week after his trip to Bali. Pete is a masters athlete but is proof that age is but a number! Pete completed all five Open WODs and he’s a regular FNLer and Nandoer making him a central figure for bantz in the gym. Pete doesn’t shy away from any WOD and is willing to learn and take things on board. He also comes up with some of the best FNL team names!

Well done Pete!

Member of the Week: 22 April 2018

22 Apr

This week’s Member of the Week goes to:

Holly Ni Raghallaigh

Holly cracks me up. I know when I see her booked into my class there is going to be top bantz. Holly used to attend the gymnastics classes but we somehow brought her over from the light side to the dark and is now a full blown CrossFit wanker. Holly is relatively new to our gym but is already making waves in the SE11 community coming to her first FNL and loving it! Training is hard but it should always be fun and Holly is a great reminder of that. Lastly, Holly shares my love for early 2000s cheesy house music.

Well done Holly!

Member of the Week: 15 April 2018

15 Apr

This week’s Member of the Week goes to

Mitchell Richens

Underestimate Mitch at your peril! The first time Mitch attended my class I had him scale pull-ups to ring rows. Little did I know that Mitch went home that night saying to himself that he was going to prove to me at some point that he could do pull-ups. I often get messages from him asking how he can improve certain aspects of his fitness and I love his enthusiasm. Since he started 11 months ago, Mitch has developed beautiful kipping and strict pull-ups among a myriad of other skills. More proof that CrossFit works if you’re consistent and you trust the process! Mitch is also a lovely guy and a huge part of the community. He just completed a Spartan Race with a few other members and is a fixture in our Friday Night Lights class. He is a top bro!

Well done Mitch!

Member of the Week: 08 April 2018

08 Apr

This week’s Member of the Week goes to

Rufus Kleinwort

After Friday night’s showdown and making Rufus sick to his stomach with nerves for almost a week it was only fair that I gave a little back to the poor fella. Miroslav rightly took all the plaudits on Friday with his performance in 18.6 but I didn’t want that to overshadow Rufus’ excellent and consistent performances over the five weeks of The Open. His most memorable WOD was 18.2 not only getting the fastest time in the gym but also the second heaviest clean in 18.2a. The guy is fast AND strong!

We shouldn’t forget that he’s been called the LeBron James of beer pong in some circles after winning the inaugural SE11 Beer Pong Championship with his buddy Luke.

Well done Rufus!

New Price Structure: May 2018

03 Apr

For regular attendees at CrossFit London and CrossFit SE11, it has been common knowledge for some time that the prices across the business will be going up. The last increase was made in 2013 and since then we have seen enormous increases in rent and business rates, although we have done all we can to avoid passing those costs onto our valued members. However, the simple fact is that the gyms, at present, do not generate enough income to meet the required level of renewals, much less allow us to keep coaches’ earnings in line with inflation or repay any investors capital. As such, the prices need to go up.

We are conscious that you want to see your money well spent on improving the service that we offer. At SE11 this reinvestment has been more apparent with the brand new rig and new shop going up over the last year. At CFL, the build for our new premises is well underway and, in spite of a delay caused by the snow, we very much hope to be moving in in May.

Below is the outline for the new pricing structure. For some of you it will be a welcome change with the introduction of Unlimited packages. For others, it may mean that you aren’t able to attend as frequently as you currently are. We have aimed to stay as competitive as possible (and if you check the nearest alternative CF facilities, you will find we are still cheaper in general), but as I said above, prices need to go up or we can no longer run a viable business.

The focus of the new prices is on the monthly memberships; they will work out much cheaper than the class packs (previously ‘carnets’) and the monthly packages are where we would hope our members choose to invest their money. The 10 and 50 class packs are still available in the new pricing structure as we are aware there are a lot of members who are less flexible with their time and can’t commit to monthly packages.

Price change will come into effect from May 1st 2018. At this time all the new prices and discount restrictions will come into effect. The 50 session carnet at the old price is no longer available to purchase, but all the other carnets and memberships will be available at their current price throughout April.

There is also an Earlybird Unlimited discount for anyone who signs up for a 6 month Unlimited contract in April (details below).

Class packs
Single session: £20 (valid for 30 days)
10 session pack: £140 (£14 p/class for 10 weeks)
50 session pack: £600 (£12 p/class for 50 weeks)

Monthly memberships (month-by-month)
Monthly 3x sessions p/w (13x sessions): £150 (£11.54 p/class)
Monthly Unlimited: £185 (Earlybird offer: £175 sign up for a 6 month contract in April 2018)
Monthly Unlimited bolt-on PT session: £40 (£225 total)

4 sessions: £120
8x Fundamentals PT session: £440 (£55 per session)

All NHS/Student/Emergency Service/Armed Forces discounts will be set at 10% and only applicable to the 10/50 class packs (discounts previously set at 15% will be reduced to 10%). They will not apply to singles sessions, monthly packages, Fundamentals, Contracts or PT sessions.

Earlybird Discounted Contract
The Earlybird Unlimited memberships constitutes a contracts with CFLDN UK. The contracts last for 6 months, during which time your contract price is guaranteed to stay at £175.

The contracts are paid on the sale date of each month. If you wish to cancel out, you must notify us at least one month in advance by email before the date you would like to be the final payment (e.g. if your payment date is the 15th, you must notify us on or before the 14th).

You can buy into the contract in April by going to the online store > contracts. The initial purchase date will be the date your 5 other payments will come out. The unlimited classes will start on the first booking and last for 6 months.

If you choose to cancel out, you will be subject to any price rises that have occurred in the interim.

Terms and conditions apply.

Moving forward
We understand that price increases are never a welcome change, but as mentioned above, the prices need to go up, or we close down. We have endeavoured to be as fair and reasonable as possible with these increases, and wanted to make sure that every member was warned well in advance.

Please keep a close eye on the Facebook groups and blogs for updates on the new gym in Bethnal Green and the ongoing renovations at SE11 to see where your money is being spent.

If you have any problems, questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at

Kind regards and happy training,

Your CrossFit London & CrossFit SE11


Member of the Week: 01 April 2018

01 Apr

This week’s Member of the Week goes to

Jamie Brunsdon

Jamie is at the heart of everything at both CFL and SE11 and as a result is Easter’s MOTW! Jamie spends an equal amount of time at both gyms and even decided to do The Open at SE11 despite CFL being her “home” gym. Not only did she decide to do it but she only went and won the whole thing! Jamie has only been doing CrossFit a little over a year but she has made huge gains in such a short period of time due to tons of dedication and hard work. To say that Jamie is “enthusiastic” would be an understatement. You could even say she’s hammered drunk on the CrossFit Kool Aid!

Well done Jamie!

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