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A Note from Tim & Nick

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A Note from Tim & Nick

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In the space of two weeks, our lives have changed in ways we could never have imagined a month ago. Whether you are a lawyer, doctor, financier, consultant, musician, actor, chef or computer programmer, your life has irrevocably changed. We created Sleven to be a home from home, with our membership from all over the world, we're proud to be your London family. Social distancing and self-isolation has put a dagger into the heart of Sleven, our community.

They say necessity is the mother of invention and we've had to adapt, quickly! Knowing we were approaching closure, we had to move our whole business online. We've been keeping abreast of news in the worldwide CrossFit community, what's working and what isn't and we had to think of a way that we could best serve ALL our members. How can we get you moving if you're stuck in a tiny flat, self-isolating with no kit? Within days, we came up with the idea of TWENTY FOUR SLEVEN, filmed over 100 movement demos, created new branding, a launch video and press release and put it out to you.

In times of turmoil, exercise might be at the back of your mind so we made the programming incredibly accessible and something you can set aside some time in your day to do. With strength and mobility work included, it should keep you ticking along until you find your feet again and figure out what's going on. As you can imagine, social media is awash with people WODing from their amazing garage gyms, there are literally thousands of WODs flying around and influencers are virtue signalling about all the exercise they're doing. Our advice is: cut out the noise and keep it simple. Don’t be too hard on yourself if people you know appear to be training like nothing has happened!

We've been hard at work on other new projects to bring you in the coming weeks and months. The first of these is to integrate the Home Alone Open into our regular programming. This will mark the point at which we up the ante and get a bit more of what all CrossFitters crave: intensity! Scroll down for more information and you can sign-up for it directly from this newsletter. Coach Loz also discusses how TWENTY FOUR SLEVEN will evolve over time in her message below. Next week, we will be releasing a fantastic new product that will help keep you motivated and accountable. We're super excited about it and we can't wait to show it to you. If we're to be isolated for months on end, then we need a way to stay connected and have some sort of semblance of regular life. 

Lastly, we wanted to send a heartfelt message of gratitude to all of you, our members. We've received hundreds of emails in the past few days, some members demonstrating support and others concerned over the tough economic situations they face. We're confronted with some difficult times ahead and this will be a test of our strength as a community. We need to make sure we all get through this together, so that Sleven thrives when this whole mess gets resolved. That means that we not only have our lovely arch to return to but everyone comes back, eager to touch a barbell again! If you haven't heard from your CrossFit BFF in the past few days, make sure you send them a message asking them how they're doing!

It goes without saying, anything you need from us, do not hesitate to email, message or give us a call on 07766234636.

Tim & Nick

A Message from Coach Loz

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TWENTY FOUR SLEVEN is our at home, online programme to keep you moving, even if you're stuck in your tiny London flat during these strange times.

This programme is designed to be simple and there is no need for ANY kit. Some people are self-isolating and we wanted this to be accessible for everyone, wherever you are! Movements can be done with or without resistance bands, so if you're waiting for Amazon to deliver them you can still get cracking! 

BUT...don’t let the simplicity fool you. TWENTY FOUR SLEVEN will help build and maintain your strength, mobility and fitness whilst you are at home. 

TWENTY FOUR SLEVEN is divided into 3 sections:

If you have no kit at home, you aren't able to go heavy so we have incorporated what we call successories into your new strength program. Successories are accessory movements that include funky movements like the bulgarian split squat that will help build and maintain your strength. We will incorporate tempos, static holds, and unilateral movements using a combination of bands and bodyweight. 

Your daily WOD from Home that will vary in movements, length and intensity each day. We will have  workouts for time, AMRAPS, EMOMs and interval training with interesting rep schemes to keep you motivated, get your heart pumping and your sweat on!

Just to ensure you have really emptied the tank, most days will include a short, sharp finisher so you end your workout on a high.

We have kept things simple to start with as we all adjust to this new way of life around exercise, work and life in general. Moving forward, we're upping the intensity and making new additions to the programme as we've now begun to settle into our new routines.

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New Additions to the Programme

If you are lucky enough to own some kit, I have some great news for you! Starting Monday, TWENTY FOUR SLEVEN will have an option for those of you with a basic set-up at home. I will programme with the assumption that you have a kettlebell and two dumbbells. Even if you only have one of these bits of kit, you will easily be able to follow along at home. I have included an example of how yesterday's WOD would have looked below.

Not only are we adding a kit option, but as of Saturday morning, I will be adding warm-up ideas to our Instagram stories so that you can prepare yourself for the session at hand. 

TWENTY FOUR SLEVEN is new territory for us, so your feedback is greatly appreciated and encouraged. Please email us with suggestions, what worked and what didn’t and of course, any workouts you’d like us to programme!

Coach Loz

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Give us your Feedback!
If you thought that competition was a thing of the past in these stay-at-home, gym’s closed times....think again! Our friends and partners at Whey’d are bringing us the Home Alone Open.
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The Home Alone Open is a 2 week, online competition to allow you to compete while you're at home and staying fit and healthy! Whey’d have created 6 bodyweight workouts, no equipment required, each one programmed by Emma McQuaid - a CrossFit Games athlete, Irish National Champion & 7th in 2020 CrossFit Open! This is a great initiative, providing an opportunity to interact and pit ourselves against CrossFitters around the world.

What do I need to do?

Absolutely nothing! We will be including each of the Home Alone Open workouts as they are released as our daily WFH.

The Home Alone Open will be posting the first workout this Friday at 8am. We will include this WFH in Saturday's TWENTY FOUR SLEVEN programming, released Friday night at 8pm:

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How Much Does it Cost?

Again, absolutely NOTHING! Our programming won't change and you'll still receive TWENTY FOUR SLEVEN as you normally do.

For the more competitive CrossFitter, this allows you to go head-to-head with some of the fittest on earth, all from your own home! You can get full details, including registration by clicking the button below. To compete online, the charge is £1.

If you’re not interested in competing and you just want to do a daily workout, that’s fine! The workouts will be included in our programme, together with appropriate scaling options and a Successories piece that will prep you for the WFH.

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