If you are an adult, the chances are that a lot of places you encounter will turn their noses up at your dream of learning how to use the rings, developing an arsenal of gymnastics skills and tricks including executing a rock solid handstand! We don’t.

Wouldn’t you love to have a bigger arsenal of cool gymnastic moves? If you are an adult, you have found the right place to train.

We run a busy and popular adult gymnastics tumbling and gymnastic strength programme. If you want to handspring, handstand and back tuck, we have the progressions, drills and skills that get most adults prepared to master these skills. We have clients ranging from 18 to 55 who attend our adult gymnastic sessions.

You may prefer static skills like levers, flags and straddle lifts to handstand, in which case our CrossFit Gymnastics classes will build you the strength and skills you need.

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Gymnastics Level 1 & 2

Unfortunately we are not currently running Adult Gymnastics tumbling classes at this location. But please check out our parent gym in CrossFit London UK, in Bethnal Green, who have an extensive schedule for tumbling.

Click here for the CrossFit SE11 gymnastics schedule


Handbalancing is acrobatics through handstands, one-hand stands, planches and other unusual movements often with apparatus like blocks. From this class you can expect to focus on slowly building up progressive strength and skill through expert coaching that will take you on a journey towards the skill itself, that requires dedication and patience.

Our coach Craig runs this class each Saturday and it is open to all levels of experience. Please note that Craig often needs to prioritise his handbalancing performance work, so on occasion you may find the class missing from the schedule.

Click here for the CrossFit SE11 gymnastics schedule

CrossFit Gymnastics

In addition to tumbling and handbalancing, we also run a CrossFit Gymnastics programme. This is aimed at our members who attend the CrossFit classes but is open to anyone with an interest in building gymnastic strength and skills.

Within this class we work towards pulling, pushing strength in relation to bodyweight and core strength. Get coached on gymnastic rings movements like dips, muscle ups and skin the cats. Learn skills such as kipping techniques, rope climbs, handstand walking and so on.

Gymnastics Schedule (Tumbling/Handbalancing)

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