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The core of what we do at Sleven is CrossFit, a class-based strength and conditioning system designed to build the most broad, general, and inclusive fitness possible.  Whilst CrossFit is often regarded as a ‘hard-core’ fitness regime, the work that we do in our classes is infinitely scalable and is suitable for almost anyone, regardless of  age or fitness background.


Our classes will, typically, comprise two elements. The first will be working on either strength or a skill. A strength component might be a squat or a deadlift, or it might be some aspect of an Olympic lift.  Much of our attention in this element will be on correct technique. The second element will be a workout. CrossFit workouts include movements from disciplines such as gymnastics (pull-ups, handstand push-ups, ring dips etc), weightlifting (frequently Olympic lifts), and what most people would consider ‘cardio’: rowing, running, cycling and skipping. We combine these movements in an almost infinite number of ways and they, typically, range in duration from 8-20 minutes, which eliminates the monotony of many traditional fitness programmes. These workouts are performed at intensity, with the aim of maximising your fitness gains.  All of this takes place in a class, with a supportive and friendly atmosphere. Members can record their results through a digital performance tracking tool, enabling them to track their strength and fitness progress. So in each class, you have an opportunity to learn a cool skill or build your strength, and then have a hard, yet fun, workout.


Our weekly programming is based on the following blueprint:



2x Gymnastics skills/strength/complex

2x Olympic lifting 

2x Barbell strength


Workouts (‘WODs’):

1x Benchmark workout

1x Longer WOD

1x Partner WOD on Fridays

Variation in time domains, rep schemes and weights


We run testing weeks biannually, with a suite of test workouts that we have devised, specifically, for this purpose.


In addition to our CrossFit classes, which we see as being the core of your training, we offer a range of specialty classes: strength, gymnastics and metabolic conditioning. These specialty classes provide an opportunity to focus on one or more of these areas, based on interest, training needs or sport specific training, and give you freedom to tailor your training.