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About Our Team

Sleven is a place of growth for both our athletes and coaches. With our community at the core of everything at Sleven, we do not hire externally. Each of our coaches must be a member first and go through our Coach’s Ed programme, a rigorous continuing education programme that gives our coaches the tools and knowledge to be leaders in our community.

Coach’s Ed covers both practical and theoretical aspects of fitness, health and nutrition, all run in house and operates continually throughout the year. All coaches, owners and interns participate in Coach’s Ed, allowing newer coaches the opportunity to develop their coaching skills and the more experienced with the opportunity to continually improve and hone theirs. We bring in experts from fields such as Olympic Lifting, calisthenics and nutrition to ensure our team can provide the best coaching in the UK.



My vision for Sleven was to create a home away from home for our members. Through a shared goal, fitness, we have brought people together from all over the world of different age groups and backgrounds, creating a diverse and supportive community that will instantly become your family.


I believe that fitness is for everyone, regardless of age or fitness background and that to be sustainable, it must be fun and enjoyable. We pride ourselves on providing an environment in which all can feel comfortable in pursuing their fitness goal, whether that goal is to be a bit fitter or to be a competitive athlete.

Our Trainers


Head Coach Loren started CrossFit in 2011, before it was cool! Fast forward 9 years, she has added numerous certifications and thousands of coaching hours. Loz competes at an elite level, adding to nearly a decade of experience teaching and coaching which means she has you covered from every angle, whether you’re a novice or experienced athlete.


Chris is not one for competing but, like most in CrossFit, just loves that post WOD feeling. He took the L-1 in 2018 and a love of CrossFit quickly evolved into a love of helping out others. The community at Sleven is like no other and Chris’s transition into a coach was easy with the whole gym supporting him along the way.


Emma has an amazing sporting CV, most notably national karate champion and black belt instructor at the age of 18. Emma studied biochemistry and dabbled in sports science and nutrition before embarking on a career in consulting. Going back to her passions, Emma is currently undertaking her level 4 PT qualification and is a L-1 trainer.


In 2017, Jamie entered The Super Human Games with a friend and, needing to learn how to deadlift and do pull-ups, enrolled in CrossFit. The rest is history, and now able to deadlift over 150kg and string together multiple muscle-ups, she competes at an elite level. Jamie brings the passion that drives her competitive performance into her coaching.
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