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A fundamental feature of CrossFit is barbell work, including both compound lifts, such as the squat and deadlift, and the Olympic lifts: the clean and jerk and snatch. The work that we do in our Strength classes is designed to help you improve the strength and technique required for these lifts.  We are also mindful of the fact that many CrossFit workouts require rapid cycling of a barbell and weightlifting when under fatigue. Our programme, therefore, includes lifting complexes, barbell cycling workouts and SWODs (strength WODs) designed to improve our members’ ability to move a barbell under fatigue.


Our Strength classes are 90 minutes in duration and each comprises three elements.  First, Olympic lifting, with a heavy emphasis on technique; second, strength work (squats, deadlift, presses etc).  The third element will either be barbell cycling or a complex, a SWOD or accessory work. The programming for the classes is periodised over an 8 week cycle which ends with testing.  


The Strength classes are suitable for all of our CrossFit members, providing a great opportunity for the less experienced to focus on technique and on building a solid strength base.