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Supplements 101

Your Weekly Nutrition Roundup
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Supplements 101


In this week's video, Coaches Jamie & Tom discuss the role of supplements as part of a nutrition and training programme, including the benefits of various supplements and when they should be used. 

They provide insight into creatine, as Coach Jamie shares her experience of using this supplement consistently over the past year and some of her key takeaways, as well as debunking some myths around this supplement. 

Their discussion also looks at various supplements marketed to the sports industry such as whey protein, magnesium, omega, vitamin D and pre-workout, as they weigh up the cost vs reward of using these products and identify which type of athletes would benefit most from using them. 

The final touch point of their chat is the trend of CBD oil and supplement use for aiding sleep.

Supplements 101

Recipe of the Week

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We love recipes where you can prepare the meal in one pot on the hob or in this case, on a roasting tray in the oven. You'll get a healthy dose of carbs, protein and fat in this recipe meaning you'll stay on course to hit your macros for the day.

If you can't obtain pollock, any white fish such as cod, haddock, plaice, coley, dab, flounder, red mullet, gurnard or tilapia will do. White fish is renowned for being low in fat, making it one of the healthier, low-fat alternatives to red or processed meat, which tends to be higher in fat, especially saturated fat.

Make sure you tag us on Instagarm if you give this one a go!

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MetCon Outdoors

The decision by the Government not to allow gyms and leisure centres to open on 4 July was pretty disappointing. But we’re not going to let that get us down! We’ll be introducing some outdoor MetCon classes for you from Monday 29 June. These classes will be available only to paying members on monthly memberships. Due to limited capacity, we will not be allowing new members to join at this time.
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Supplements 101

In this week’s video, Coaches Jamie & Tom discuss the role of supplements as part of a nutrition and training programme, including the benefits of various supplements and when they should be used.
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When will SLEVEN Reopen?

A number of members have been asking this question, especially as some gyms have begun to announce their planned reopening dates. We wish that we had some concrete news for you, with a date for opening our doors again. We’re hoping that it will be in July but, frustratingly, the Government has given no further indication nor any information on the restrictions, if any, on how we’ll be operating when that happens.
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Nutrition Priorities

Coaches Loz & Tom discuss sorting your priorities when it comes to nutrition and making sure you put an emphasis on the important things, so you aren’t wasting our precious time and energy on things that aren’t going to give you results!
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Welcome to SLEVEN Fitness

It’s been a rollercoaster week to say the least! We announced on Monday that we were to disaffiliate from CrossFit and we remain steadfast in this decision. Last night, CrossFit HQ announced that Greg Glassman Retired and that Dave Castro is to assume the role of CEO of the company. CrossFit HQ also published a long letter explaining why they didn’t just say something. Nick, Tim & Loz have been involved in CrossFit for a minimum of 9 years each and not only was it our passion, but also a livelihood, so it’s sad to sever our links in this way. We are not ones to dwell on the past and the future for us is not CrossFit, it’s SLEVEN!
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Nutrition for Running

In this video, Tom discusses nutrition for running. With our running club in full swing, Tom covers pre-workout fuel, post workout fuel, hydration, intra-workout nutrition and when to run!
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