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Your Weekly Dose of SLEVEN

The Support Your Local Box Fundraiser is a CrossFit event for the benefit of CrossFit affiliates affected by COVID-19 around the globe. The temporary closures and distance between us cannot keep this community apart. Affiliates around the world have demonstrated this through their actions over the past few weeks. Now, the entire CrossFit community has an opportunity to come together in support of our affiliates.

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Event Format

Over a three-week period, CrossFit will release three classic and accessible workouts that can be performed by participants of any ability level. You can do the workouts from home. You do not need a judge. You do not need to have your scores validated by an affiliate, and you do not need to film your performance. Each workout will come in two versions: “Rx'd” for those who are accustomed to CrossFit training and “scaled” for those new to CrossFit training and/or without access to common workout equipment.

Everyone who participates will have their name displayed on the community leaderboard and will be able to create smaller leaderboards among friends, family, and other members of their affiliate using leaderboard hashtags. 

Registration is now OPEN on the Crossfit Games website and will remain open for the duration of the competition. The first workout will be released on Friday 3 April. We will do the WODs as part of our regular TWENTY FOUR SLEVEN programming on Sundays, starting this Sunday 5 April. To get that special CrossFit Open FNL feeling, we will be hosting a zoom session each Sunday at 11:00.

Sunday 5 April at 11:00

You can participate in the Support Your Local Box WOD 1 FREE on Zoom

Meeting ID: 819-392-535

The deadline to submit your scores for all three workouts is Friday 24 April.

How to get Involved

Anyone can participate in the Support Your Local Box Fundraiser. Payment is not required. We understand that many face financial difficulties at this time and want everyone to have the opportunity to participate without barriers. Your participation is, in itself, a strong form of support and encouragement to the affiliate community. 

When you register, you will have the option to select a contribution amount ranging from $20 to $1,000 or participate at no cost. When the competition closes, the proceeds will be distributed to Sleven in accordance with our roster of supporters. CrossFit, Inc. will distribute all registration funds to Sleven.

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Sleven has had an amazing turnout for the Home Alone Open and it's been fantastic seeing so many of you share videos on our Instagram! We are the box with most entries in the competition with 40 which we are extremely proud of.

We have several members placing high up on the leaderboard and with 4 workouts remaining, there's everything to play for!

We already have members organising group Zoom sessions and wanted to open up a session to the whole membership! On Saturday, at 11am, we will host the Home Alone Open WFH 4 with coach Jamie! There will be a warm-up included and top bantz!

Saturday 4 April at 11:00

You can participate in the Home Alone Open WFH 4 FREE on Zoom

Meeting ID: 819-392-535


The response we have had to our TWENTY FOUR SLEVEN programme has been nothing short of sensational. We have had members, ex-members and welcomed many new members to the Sleven family. This week, in addition to the Bodyweight option, we added a Bells option for those lucky enough to have some kit at home. We will continue to add and improve to the programming as we go along, we're only getting started!

What's been most impressive is the amount of participants we've had worldwide. We are putting together some promo videos and would love to include originals of you doing your workouts all over the globe. If you'd like to be part of this video, can you please send us a copy?

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Your Weekly Nutrition Roundup

Just a reminder that partner WOD Saturday is now EARLIER at 10:00. This gives you the opportunity to get your WOD in before the Cook Along with Tom. Also, there is no need to partner up with someone beforehand, we will do that for you! We’re going Asian this week with a simple, yet delicious stir-fry! Jamie’s Quick Steak Stir Fry is high in protein and low in carbs so if you’re following up your training session with this meal we recommend you add a carb source such as rice or noodles. If you’re not into red meat, you can always sub it out with chicken or if you’re a veggie, tofu!
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We’re still on course for a July reopening and we’ve been incredibly busy behind the scenes making preparations for your return. We can assure you that we will be the cleanest gym in London! While we wait for direction from the government, we have some solid plans in place and if you’re feeling uneasy about Sleven’s reopening, we would like to reassure you that everything will be OK. While the future is uncertain, we’re confident we can provide you with a fantastic training experience.
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Your Weekly Nutrition Roundup

For this week’s Cook Along with Tom, we’ve chosen a brunch favourite: smoky mushroom frittata! If you’re following a low carb diet or looking to up your protein intake, this simple recipe is for you! To help you fit your macros, you can easily serve with toast or crusty bread to up the carb content. If you need to cut down the fat in the recipe, you can make some easy substitions: turkey bacon, egg whites and light cheese.
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Let’s be honest here, lockdown is beginning to drag! We’ve not only noticed this ourselves, personally, but in the enthusiasm and engagement of the membership and it’s completely expected. The days seem to merge together, any novelty has worn off and we’re all craving social interaction, outdoor activities and especially, getting back to the gym! We’ve reached out to every member personally and we’re seeing a common trend: either work has become exponentially busier, as the business you’re in switches online, or you have nothing to do! We worry mostly about those of you with nothing to do so please do reach out to us if you are feeling hopeless,lonely or fancy a chat. We are here to help!
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Your Weekly Nutrition Roundup

Smoothie Saturday is now Cook Along with Tom! We will be pulling recipes from a book we love, Jamie Oliver’s 5 Ingredients which makes shopping and meal prepping simple while also giving you inspiration to cook some delicious recipes.
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Yesterday, we received a payout for CrossFit HQs “Support Your Local Box” competition and we’d like to send out a massive heartfelt thank you! Not only was it a fun weekly competition with so many of you participating, many of you found some spare funds at a tough economic time which shows the strength of our community! Needless to say, we can’t wait to be back and we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes to make your return and experience at Sleven the best it can possibly be!
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