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Newsletter 26 February 2020

Your Weekly Dose of SLEVEN
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SLEVEN Snapbacks!

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After running a Facebook poll for a week, the people have spoken! We're excited to introduce our brand new, limited edition Sleven Snapback. The SLEVEN logo will be embroidered in white on a one size fits all black snapback cap.

With spring and summer fast approaching, don't miss the opportunity to represent your box around London and the World!

Caps cost £25 and all you have to do is email us by clicking the button below. Deadline is Friday 6 March!

Buy Now
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Competition Nutrition

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There is a little less than a week left in our nutrition challenge and we are only getting started! Next week we will be announcing the winners and also details of our new exclusive Sleven pH Nutrition packages that will run year long. You can expect lots of regular content and information so all your hard work in the gym doesn't go to waste in the kitchen!

We're already receiving some fantastic feedback from Sleveners taking part and we're happy to get so many of you tracking your food, changing habits and educating you for life.

Competition season is nearly upon us and with the Yard Games, Summer Social, Battle for Middle Ground and Rainhill on the horizon, nutrition should be at the forefront of your minds. Liam and Tom have created a fantastic PDF full of information to ensure you're fuelled and performing at your best!


Our Guide Will Cover:

The week leading into the competition
Pre and post event nutrition
What to do in between events
Recipes, meal prep, supplementation

Download my free PDF
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Victory Grips Order

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Since we introduced Victory Grips to the Sleven Shop, our members have been ripping significantly less and as a result, their training has benefitted markedly. The success of the Victory Grips has meant that we are now running low on stock and we will be making a new order on Monday 2 March.

We will be ordering the standard three finger Stealth grips in varying sizes for both men and women. However, Victory Grips have a myriad of options and if you would like a pair of grips in a different style, please check out their website on the button below and email us with the style, size, colour and any other feature we may need for ordering these on your behalf. If you are unsure about sizing, we are on hand in the shop all week to measure and advise you on the best grips for you.

Grips cost £50 and the new Tactical grips cost £55 and we will invoice you via Wodify or ring you up on Shopify. All shipping costs, taxes and fees will be taken care of, phew!

Browse Victory Grips
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Support Poppy's Half Marathon

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Our MetCon Queen, Poppy Harrison is running her first half-marathon in Bath on 15 March in support of Dorothy House Foundation! This amazing charity provides palliative and end of life care to those living with life-limiting illness. The Dorothy House Foundation is close to Poppy's heart having impacted so many people's lives in Bath and she knows two very special people who work for the Charity.

Poppy is now over half way to her target of £300 and would appreciate any donation, big or small!

Donate to the Dorothy House Foundation
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In November, over 20 Sleveners made their way to Peckham to compete at the Yard Games and had a brilliant time. If you missed out, you're in luck! The Yard is hosting its second one day, same-sex pairs competion. Coach Loz has already recruited over 6 teams and we're hoping for more sign-ups in what is looking like another great day out for Sleven.

The competition is super local which means NO TRAVELLING and it is likely to be a relatively small comp, so if you haven’t competed before, this would be a great opportunity to get a taste of what it’s like on the competition floor.

Given that it’s so close, we’ll no doubt have a good number of Sleven supporters there to cheer you on. So, grab a partner and register using the link below!

If you're interested but don't have a partner, don't worry! Email Coach Loz or grab one of us and let us know you’re interested and we’ll do our best to find you an ace partner.

Book Yard Games
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CrossFit Holidays!?

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Are you worried about losing your gains on holiday? Don't want to just lounge by a pool reading books and drinking Margaritas? Coach Liz has a solution for you.

Adventure Fit has locations on three different continents including Croatia, Cape Town and Revelstoke in Canada! In addition to participating in amazing activities such as paddle boarding, surfing, hiking at sunset, yoga and wine tasting, you'll have the opportunity to CrossFit daily with your mates! 

You can find all the information below. We'll start a conversation on the Facebook group and get Liz involved so she can answer any of your questions and group the people that are interested together.

Adventure Fit
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SLEVEN Calendar

3-29 February: pH Nutrition Challenge
1 March: Yoga for CrossFit
21 March: Yard Games Peckham
30 May: Summer Social at the Richmond Athletic Association
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MetCon Outdoors

The decision by the Government not to allow gyms and leisure centres to open on 4 July was pretty disappointing. But we’re not going to let that get us down! We’ll be introducing some outdoor MetCon classes for you from Monday 29 June. These classes will be available only to paying members on monthly memberships. Due to limited capacity, we will not be allowing new members to join at this time.
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Supplements 101

In this week’s video, Coaches Jamie & Tom discuss the role of supplements as part of a nutrition and training programme, including the benefits of various supplements and when they should be used.
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When will SLEVEN Reopen?

A number of members have been asking this question, especially as some gyms have begun to announce their planned reopening dates. We wish that we had some concrete news for you, with a date for opening our doors again. We’re hoping that it will be in July but, frustratingly, the Government has given no further indication nor any information on the restrictions, if any, on how we’ll be operating when that happens.
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Nutrition Priorities

Coaches Loz & Tom discuss sorting your priorities when it comes to nutrition and making sure you put an emphasis on the important things, so you aren’t wasting our precious time and energy on things that aren’t going to give you results!
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Welcome to SLEVEN Fitness

It’s been a rollercoaster week to say the least! We announced on Monday that we were to disaffiliate from CrossFit and we remain steadfast in this decision. Last night, CrossFit HQ announced that Greg Glassman Retired and that Dave Castro is to assume the role of CEO of the company. CrossFit HQ also published a long letter explaining why they didn’t just say something. Nick, Tim & Loz have been involved in CrossFit for a minimum of 9 years each and not only was it our passion, but also a livelihood, so it’s sad to sever our links in this way. We are not ones to dwell on the past and the future for us is not CrossFit, it’s SLEVEN!
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Nutrition for Running

In this video, Tom discusses nutrition for running. With our running club in full swing, Tom covers pre-workout fuel, post workout fuel, hydration, intra-workout nutrition and when to run!
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